1988 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Induction


The night my friend Bob Dylan was inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame, 1988

He and Mick Javger sing brought me back to my gf ‘s house singing together , they were and are our rock heroes!!

Colleen who had tall kinda lanky posture with hair dark, shiny , reached her belt line: Stood tall and whose voice made her come alive singing into something that would take place as a microphone, knew all words from the album Stinky Fingers, posing like Mick.

Her encouragement of voice, most likely improved my need for posture , and my selected R&R hero Bob Dylan, singing between lyrics and choruses the melodies were learned, and the rebel voice and direction too.

What a beautiful video where Bob appears with what I see as a Kings cape draped over his left shoulder, and knighted in all white; and Mick Jagger are forefronted singing the duo into what turns into many with Bob’s voice leading.

Partially responsible for grunge style, he reached clarity and control for induction, and very styled.